Sunday, June 19, 2011

Famous Dogs: Murray From Mad About You

Popular TV sitcom Mad About You which ran from 1992 to 1999 featured the family dog named "Murray." Stars Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt portrayed the main characters Paul Buchman and Jaime Stemple Buchman.

The character dog "Murray" was played by a dog named "Maui" and was a Border Collie mix who was also a rescue. Born in California, the 58 lb Maui was trained for several years by Betty Linn.

"Maui is very sweet and takes direction well," says Linn, who has trained him for the past four years. "He's completely spoiled by everyone and consequently loves to go to the set when we begin a new show on Mondays."

Linn also said Maui was much smarter than the character Murray he portrayed and did many typical dog tricks such as shaking his head, crawling, sneezing, pretending to urinate, etc.

Maui appeared in a Christmas movie called "Santa's Slay" in 2005 as "Miss Scribbles."

No word on what happened to Maui where he passed away or is in retirement.

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